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Jason Bowyer



Teens, Self-Worth, Grief


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Hey! My name is Jason. I am an LAC and I love to work with Teens and Young Adults. I like to work with family therapists, psychiatrists, dietitians, pediatricians, and any other professional in your care team to provide a full circle of support. I believe that the best care is wholistic care.

I practice from a few research-backed modalities. For symptom alleviation and management, I often use Polyvagal Theory and techniques as well as CBT interventions. These work great with trauma, stress, anxiety, and depression! However, for deeper work I practice from Narrative, Experiential and Adlerian Theories. These are all person-centered and focus on validating the client in their experiences and realities. I often use my Self-Worth Model which is rooted in this fact: "You are worth it just because you exist." From here I help my client's realize their worth by separating it from their actions and beliefs. This allows them to analyze and reflect on past actions and beliefs without shame. This is especially helpful for those who are processing trauma, identity issues, grief, anxiety, and depression.

When I am not being a therapist I love collecting baseball cards, writing and playing music, and creating art in any way I can manage!

Jason Bowyer
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