Rogers Team

Waters Edge has 3 locations to serve Northwest Arkansas

204 S 24th Street, Rogers, Ar 72758

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor & Registered Play Therapist - SUpervisor

MS, Licensed Marriage and Family therapist, Licensed

Professional Counselor, & Certified Gottman "Bringing Baby Home Educator"

Masters of Social Work & Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Masters of Social Work, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, & Registered Play Therapist

Licensed Associate Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered Play Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor & EdS in Community Counseling

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Supervisor, & Registered Play Therapist Supervisor

Masters of social work & Licensed Clinical Social worker

Licensed Professional

Counselor, Register Play Therapist - Supervisor, & Licensed Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselor

Licensed Professional Counselor

Counseling intern

Licensed clinical social worker & registered play therapist

Licensed Associate Counselor and Licensed Marriage and family therapist

Siloam Springs Team

711 S mount Olive, Suite d,

Siloam Springs, AR 72761

Licensed Professional Counselor & Registered

Play Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Harrison Team

213 W Rush Ave, Harrison, AR 72601

Licensed Clinical

Social Worker

Licensed Clinical

Social Worker

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