Sick? Or sick of it?

“We are here to walk beside you, as you navigate these difficult times. Let us help you see THIS through!”

Looking after your mental well-being during this difficult time

We are all well aware of the myriad of emotions that are plaguing our minds during this stressful time in the world. It is impossible to not feel an impact, regardless of which area you live in. The Corona Virus and its life altering shutdowns, layoffs, closings etc. have us all in an indescribable emotional funk. Please understand that these heightened emotions are completely normal, and you are not alone! Everyone reacts in their own way to challenging events and the uncertainty surrounding them. Here are some tips for those struggling:

Human Connection- Maintaining healthy relationship with friends and family is important for your mental health. Social connection can often take a backseat when we are so consumed with how we are going to stay employed and make ends meet. Think about ways to stay in touch with trusted people in your life while you are at home, either by phone, handwritten letters, messaging, video calls or online. Reconnect with old friends and neighbors that you may have lost touch with over time. Many people are finding the current situation difficult, so reaching out to them could make a huge difference for them also.

Difficult Feelings- We all have them. You are not alone and it is important to talk about your worries and feelings. Keep scheduled counseling appointments and do not hesitate to consider alternative therapy options such as Telehealth services via facetime,, phone calls etc. Your counselor wants to help you navigate these difficult feelings, process them in a healthy manner, and develop coping strategies to help you in times that are overwhelming. Do not stop taking your medications, most pharmacies have drive-thru services and/or delivery services for your convenience.

  • Looking on the Bright Side

  • Ways to Stay Positive

  • Dealing with Boredom

  • When your Fears take over

  • Avoiding feelings of guilt with changing employment roles

"Physical distance, but emotional connection." - Bruce Perry

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