LPC, (EdS) i

Community Counseling

I began my career in Mental Healthcare as a Direct Care Worker and Social Work Designee in 1986 prior to graduating Southwest Baptist University with dual bachelor’s degrees in Sociology and Psychology. For fourteen years following my graduation I worked in and managed Residential Care facilities and worked as a Social Service Worker with the Division of Aging in Missouri for 8 years. In 2002, I began to pursue a master’s degree in Community Counseling from Pittsburg State University which he attained in 2004. During the first two years of working as a Counselor, due to a strong interest in education and teaching, I completed a Specialist in Education Degree (EdS) in Community Counseling which was completed in 2006.

Since attaining my EdS, I have developed and managed a hospital based Geropsychiatric Unit and worked as a School-based therapist with Community Mental Health agencies in Northwest Arkansas. I have taught and co-taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in Psychology and Counseling at Pittsburg State University, University of Arkansas and University of Phoenix. Additionally, while doing these I also have held positions as Clinical Manager, Intern Supervisor and Academic Faculty Chair in Psychology in which I oversaw the clinical work and teaching of other professional counselors, interns,  and faculty members.

I have a wide variety of clinical interests and specific experience in issues related to human development and the lifespan. My experience includes working with autism spectrum disorders, dementia, and end of life processes. Having the philosophy that the counselor-client relationship is the key to any therapeutic change much emphasis is placed upon tailoring interventions to what best works for the client.  In taking an integrative approach towards counseling I have participated in a variety of modalities including, Individual, Family, and Group Therapies, and actively uses a myriad of therapeutic techniques and interventions consistent with play, art, talk, and cinema therapies.


To help support and accommodate the needs and busy lifestyles of my clientele I offers after-hour sessions.

A Little More Personal!

My family and I moved to Northwest Arkansas approximately nine years ago, when my wife and I both took jobs with Community Mental Health agencies. Arkansas is a natural fit for me as I am an avid lover of the outdoors after having been raised in on a farm and having grown up in a lake area in Missouri.  My outdoor interests include fishing, fly fishing, metal detecting, camping, and exploring nature. I also enjoy landscape design and gardening. A passion of mine is antique trucks, and my dream vehicle would be a 1939 Ford pickup, or a 1959 Chevy Cameo pickup so I would include driving as an outdoor interest as well.

I started college, after having taken every high school art class available, pursuing a degree in Fine Arts, and although I did not pursue that degree through completion, I continue to love art. I love to refurbish furniture and repurposing old and discarded items. I also very much enjoy wood carving, drawing, painting and other craft projects. My weekends are often filled with one or more projects which I frequently complete with my daughters. Moreover, my family are big movie enthusiasts and we have a large collection of movies that we enjoy. Superhero movies are our favorite and we have collections dedicated to our favorite Marvel and DC characters. My girls would dress our three dogs, two cats and Bearded Gecko in capes if they could.

To help pay my way through college I worked as an assistant chef for two years, so I also love to cook and experience different foods and culinary pursuits. I cook most of the meals served in our home and try to get my family to try different tastes. One of my favorite things to do in the kitchen is to try to reconstruct some of the dishes that I have eaten while I was dining out.