EMDR Therapy Training Course

EMDR Training Part 1 & 2

July 15-19, 2021

Location: Waters Edge Counseling Training Room (The WEDGE)

Times: 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM (for all five days)

(Lunch from 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM)

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20 hours of didactic presentation

20 hours of facilitated practice

10 hours consultation for on-going practice

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Learning Objectives

  • Identify the definition of EMDR Therapy.

  • Discuss the history/background of EMDR Therapy.

  • Demonstrate the eight phases of the Standard Protocol.

  • Assess client readiness and gauge the appropriateness of EMDR Therapy treatment.

  • Discuss ethical cautions for EMDR Therapy.

  • Apply resourcing techniques for client stabilization and safety.

  • Utilize methods for developing inner resources used for interweaves, ego strengthening and client closure

  • Identify how and when to use dual attention stimulation for effective treatment.

  • Discuss how to prepare clients for trauma processing.

  • Demonstrate how to conduct an EMDR Trauma Processing session.

  • Use techniques for creating safety for clients while doing effective trauma therapy.

  • Describe techniques for working with blocked processing and ab-reactions.

  • Experience EMDR Therapy from multiple perspectives. (Clinician, Client, Observer)

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About the Presenter

Lisa Sager
LPC, NCC EMDRIA Approved Consultant

Lisa is an innovative and dynamic instructor, who has over 15 years of experience utilizing EMDR Therapy for the successful treatment of PTSD, Complex Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Personality and Dissociative Disorders. Her approach to education is comprehensive and creative, yet sensitive to a diversity of backgrounds and learning styles.

From Chicago, IL trainee

“This was honestly the most informative, engaging, and useful training I have taken so far in my career. I cannot express strongly enough what a positive experience they made this training for me.”

From Champaign, IL trainee

“I really loved the real-life examples that were shared to make the abstract into something
more concrete. I heard that feedback from other participants as well – that it helped them to
feel more comfortable moving forward. You really created a passion for EMDR within us. Thank you.”

From St Louis, MO trainee

“I loved the training! While it was a lot to process at once, I appreciated the opportunity to  do Part 1, Part 2 and Consultation together (as a package).”

From St Louis, MO trainee

“Everything was excellent from the facility to the content of the presentation to thorough
explanations of material.”

From St Louis, MO trainee

“It was fantastically led, and I felt extremely supported the whole time. Huge thanks to all of you.”

From St Louis, MO trainee

“Wonderful training with wonderful people and facilitators. Very intense but feel much more prepared, and I am - due to the wonderfully intense and informative training.”

From Maui, HI trainee

“The exercises were effective because I experienced it working first hand. My facilitator’s suggestions were helpful and thoughtful. I thoroughly enjoyed the consultation and support from the group and consultants.”

From Little Falls, MN trainee

“Fantastic and energizing experience!”


Please see below a list of hotels that are within close proximity to our training area. We have also provided a list of different restaurants that are close to the area. Please feel free to ask our staff about any other activities to do or restaurants to visit. We hope you enjoy your time in Northwest Arkansas!