Carol Lester





I provide counseling services to children, adolescents, and their families from diverse cultural,  socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds for a variety of presenting issues such as anxiety,  attachment, anger, depression, grief/loss, inattention, impulse control, trauma, parent-child  relational issues, peer relationship issues, and other issues interfering with successful living at  home, school and in the community. I do this by providing individual, play and group therapy  working with my clients in a relaxed, safe, accepting environment where the child or adolescent,  their family, and counselor can work together to achieve goals and improve overall quality of life.  

I use client-centered, play therapy, and cognitive-behavioral theories. Depending on my client’s  needs and functional ability other methods and techniques may be used such as homework,  bibliotherapy, guided imagery, problem solving techniques, reframing, role-playing,  assertiveness training and relaxation techniques. Also I enjoy using art, play, and sand tray as  therapeutic techniques.  

With over twenty-five years experience as a classroom teacher, elementary counselor, and  school based therapist I have had many opportunities to learn about children, adolescents, and  their families. This experience has also helped me become familiar with many programs and  services available to foster success for students and all types of families.  

My goal as a counselor is to assist my clients and their families in identifying changes they want  to make, promote healthy coping skills and general well-balanced mental health.