Animal Assisted Training & Intervention

3 Credit Hours $75

April 17, 2020

Registration 8:00 AM

Training 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

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Presented By: Karol Williams, MS, LPC, ET

Training Description

Animal Assisted Therapy and or Intervention is a training for clinicians who are interested in or are curious about adding a live animal to their clinical practice.  Licensed therapists do not need to be animal trained experts to attend the conference training. Participants will have a more enlightened understanding of why adding a live animal to their practice is beneficial professionally and personally.  They will be better informed as to whether adding live animals is the right choice for their practice and populations they serve.  

We will have a unique opportunity to experience a hands-on AAI mock session.  There will be multiple opportunities within the presentation to better understand the human-animal bond non-anthropomorphic.  

We will learn of the different trainings and different ways clinicians use live animals in their sessions.  There will be a short portion showcasing how clinicians can pair other modalities like EMDR, Sand Tray and Play Therapy using live animals.


There will be research support provided showing what and how animals are changing the therapeutic process.

And finally, we will discuss how to apply the knowledge we learned to build a more intriguing program or at least one that gives future and current clients counseling options in order to broaden your case load.


• Define terminology used in the field of Animal Assisted Therapy and Interventions


• Understand the human-animal bond and how it relates to health


• Discuss theory and research that supports AAI practice


• Learn effective strategies to instantly execute with your therapy animal in your sessions


• Apply knowledge to build client base

About the Presenter

KAROL WILLIAMS, MS, LPC, ET is a licensed professional counselor with over 8 years of clinical experience providing Animal Assisted Interventions (AAI) with a variety of populations.  Karol has a life-long passion for animals but most particularly dogs and horses. She has graduated from multiple canine obedience training programs. She has successfully trained several of her personal rescue dogs as well as two of her rescue horses to be better animal citizens but also to greatly improve their quality of lives.  She is the Executive Director and founder of UnStalled, a private practice offering AAI and traditional, talk therapy services. Karol specializes in providing AAI for people with mental health needs focusing on improving psychological well-being. More recently Karol has also developed an UnStalled “To-Go” program bringing horses to retirement homes allowing for mobility restricted populations to have an equine experience without having to leave their premises. 

Karol is trained by the EMDRIA model to use EMDR as another effective modality in the counseling session.  She has successfully combined AAI and EMDR for some of her more complex cases.

Karol is a current Level 2 On-line & Freestyle graduate Parelli program of three horses, Memphis, Charlie & Gracie and continues to pursue her passion for trail riding in and around northwest Arkansas.  She is the servant to four rescue dogs, two horses and one donkey on her ten-acre hobby farm.  

Karol has a Bachelor of Science in Social Work from the University of Arkansas in 2009 and her Master of Science in Community Counseling and Family and Marriage Therapy from John Brown University in 2011.  Karol has been Equine Assisted Growth & Learning Association (EAGALA) certified since 2011. She also successfully graduated from the post master’s program at University of Denver in Advanced Training in Equine Assisted Mental Health.