Licensed Professional Counseling and Master Addiction Counselor


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My Journey


I am a Licensed Professional Counseling and Master Addiction Counselor. I earned my undergraduate degree in Psychology and my Masters of Science degree in Community Agency Counseling from the University of Memphis in 1997.  I spent the majority of my first years in counseling adults who were homeless, with severe mental illness, substance abuse and those individuals who were also incarcerated. I then went on to work with Shelby County Government in Memphis to develop programs to transition individuals with mental illness out of the criminal justice system and into treatment when appropriate.  I have focused my time since 2008 in community mental health and spent 6 years as Coordinator of a large clinic in Northeast Arkansas. Over the many years and experiences I found that “a common link for the majority of the clients I have had over the years has been some form of trauma.” I have continued her study throughout the years in efforts to better understand the issues each client faces and how to best provide assistance in successfully reaching their goals.  

I also spent some time leading a Human Potentials group; helping young adults to set goals and determine the steps necessary, and finding their motivation to achieve those goals.   “Overall I love people and I love finding ways to assist them in reaching their goals for themselves.”

Relationships are always key to where we are in life; where we have come from, how we feel about ourselves and ultimately the therapeutic relationship is the foundation for healing. I work with adults with mental illness, trauma, substance issues and recovery and adjustment to life’s stressors. In addition, I enjoy working with individuals who are motivated to set goals, grow and build the life that they want for themselves.


I love Northwest Arkansas, calling the Hogs anywhere and anytime, my dog Suki and my daughter, Madeline.